Are there Micro Centers in Canada?

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 April 12, 2022
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Micro Center is an electronic, telecommunications, networking, and computer device company. They sell any devices that are related to any of the ones listed above. They are also passionate about providing information about technology products and technical support services. They are located in the United States and they have up to 25 working branches.

Micro Center

Due to the popularity of Micro Center stores, a lot of questions have been raised. One of the questions that have been flying around is, are there Micro Centers in Canada? Unfortunately no. Micro Center does not have a store in Canada and they are not willing to expand out of the United States soon.

However, to be able to ship products from Micro Center stores to Canada, there are some things you can follow. Mind you, they do not do direct shipping to Canada either, this is to show you that they are not considering outside of the states for now so, if you order directly from Canada you might end up disappointed. In this article, we will see how we can rectify that.

How to Ship Orders From Micro Centers into Canada

Here is a guideline on how to ship your orders from Micro Center stores to Canada.

1. Choose a Package Forwarder

One important thing you must do right is to pick a very good and effective package forwarder. This is because your choice will determine if your order will arrive quickly and how much or how less you will be paying for the service. Before picking any one of them, here’s what you should check for;

  • Service fees – You must know first how much their service charge is. This includes the acceptance and shipping of your package, ancillary services, etc
  • Monthly or annual fees – You must know how much they charge for their monthly and annual fees or if they are not charging at all.
    Speed. Another important factor for shipping using a particular package forwarder is their speed. Are they willing to process your package quickly or not.
  • Customer service – Ensure that you read reviews and you are satisfied with their customer service before working with them. Doing all of these can help you to pick the right package forwarder without issues at all.

2. Ship your Order to your Chosen Package Forwarder

Once you have signed up with a package forwarder, you get a unique mailing address for your package. Put the address of the warehouse for the picking up or your house address for home delivery.

3. Forward your Package

Using the package forwarder you can choose different options to ship your package with. Once this is done then all you need to do is to wait until your package comes and you are right.

Is Micro Center Planning to Expand Into Canada?

Is Micro Center planning to extend into Canada? No, they are not. Micro Center stores will not be expanding anytime soon. The reason is that they prefer to focus more on the stores they already have than wearing themselves thin to cater to many stores. Therefore it’s better they stay back in the United States until they are ready to expand. Moreover, there are other stores which are made for selling things electronic, communication, computer, etc.

Alternatives to Micro Center in Canada

For those living in or planning on living in, here are a few alternatives to Micro Center stores in Canada;


NewEgg is a commerce store that sells computer hardware, software, phones, security, electronics, communication, and office products. They offer some of the best prices on the things you want better than other stores dealing in the same products and services.

Best Buy

Best Buy is one of the biggest retail eras of electronics in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Products that you can get from the best buy stores include; phones, tablets, home appliances, home theatres, computers, video games, cameras, etc. They are well known, especially for their presence in over 1050 stores in the three different regions. If you need a perfect alternative to Micro Center then best buy is your best bet.


NCIX is a cheap store that sells software, hardware, and parts for a computer. It was founded in the year 1966 and along with computer parts, they sell varieties of consumer electronics. Albeit cheap, they are the cheaper solution to Micro Center for as many people that needs the alternative in Canada, especially, where there are no Micro Center stores.


Mouser is another very great place to get your electronics products. They sell under categories such as; audio, automotive, broadcast, communication, computing, instrumentation, lighting, security, motor control, etc. Mouser is also a great place to shop for whatever consumer electronics you need.


Sparkfun electronics is also another place to get your electronics, especially in bits and pieces. They also sell electronic components and offer classes and online tutorials to help to educate students.

PC- Canada

As their name implies, PC- Canada offers sales on different electronics and computers, both hardware and software deals. They are a go-to and a cheap alternative for Micro Center stores in Canada.

Direct-dial is a commerce electronics store with plenty of options for its customers to pick from. They are an alternative to the Micro Centers if you stay in Canada.


Even though Amazon is not mainly an electronics store, they still have a great selection of electronics, communication, and computer products and can make things easier for you, all you have to do is to order and you are okay. Amazon ships to Canada thereby making it easy for you.


Micro Center stores are more prominent in the United States. With 25 working branches, they are not ready to expand anytime soon to other parts of the world, Canada inclusive. However, if done right, you can order and ship your goods from the Micro Center to Canada. All you need to do is pick a US shipping company, forward the package, give them the address and let them take care of the rest.

In cases where you cannot deal with shipping here and there, you can check out other alternatives to Micro Center in Canada, you can use the list provided above and you definitely won’t be disappointed.


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