7 Good Money Habits to Start with Your First Salary

Good Money Habits

Congratulations, finally, you’ve landed your dream job. Now, you’re sure of N250k Monthly. But, how would you manage the money? Calm down. I know it’s not my money and it’s none of my business, plus whatever you do with it is your business— you have my support on that one. After all, money is a […]

Why They Use Biometrics in Banking?

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So, I just received a Gmail notification which I tapped to confirm the message, and smiled; “good client, he’s not owing today” I mumbled with a toast of Bacchus wine in my left hand. At the moment, I notice this sharp guy at my back picking over my shoulder. And seriously, I needed to move […]

How to Start a Profitable POS Agent Banking Brand in Nigeria


There is no doubt that POS businesses help to extend the services provided by financial institutions to previously unreached segments of society,  especially after the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) introduced the agent banking system in 2013, which began to spread in Nigeria. This created a new channel for financial services to reach bank customers in […]