How The African Crypto Community can Benefit from Wakanda Inu

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 December 13, 2021
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In Africa, early adopters in the cryptocurrency sector have made unbelievable gains and breakthroughs into the blockchain business. But until today, there had been no known crypto project from Africa, as almost all of the currencies and tokens had been developed either in the West or in Asia. Prior to the launch of Wakanda inu, Africans were buying predominantly top of the coin and token market.

What is Wakanda Inu?

Wakanda Inu Meme Token Wallpaper
Wakanda Inu Meme Token

Wakanda inu is an African meme token that was released on November 6, 2021.

We have been closely examining the influence of the meme coin Wakanda inu on Africa, which was recently listed on Hotbit.

According to the token’s description on CoinmarketCap:

“Wakanda inu is a community meme project forged from the deep and warm consciousness of humanity. WKD the digital meme token that represents the daily struggles and aspirations of the best aspects of what it means to be alive”.

Ways which the African crypto community can benefit from Wakanda Inu

The following are the advantages and impacts of Wakanda Inu on the African crypto community:

1. The Wakanda Inu is a symbol of African identity.

Wakanda inu debuted on Pancakeswap on November 15, 2021. The token is called after Wakanda, a fictional African powerful nation featured in Marvel’s Black Panther movie comic. In its first month of existence, it was instantly accepted by Africans in the crypto world, with 100,000+ holders.

Africans identify with the token because they are proud of the fact that it was created by Africans.

2. Wakanda has introduced cryptocurrency to multitudes of Nigerians and Africans.

Many of the WKD holders are first-timers. The token is their first cryptocurrency investment. This is a good sign that Nigeria and Africa are becoming more open to the Blockchain world.

3. Wakanda Inu has given African developers reputation and confidence.

Wakanda inu was audited by Certik and passed 80 percent of the tests, indicating that it is safe and viable.

Previously, Nigerian crypto projects were regarded with distrust and labeled as untrustworthy, with the possibility that they were launched with the goal of ‘rug pulling.’ This explains several Nigerian crypto giants’ reservations, questions, and early campaigns against purchasing Wakanda tokens, especially after tokenomics revealed that one wallet held 76% of the total supply of Wakanda tokens.

Wakanda’s creators, on the other hand, said that the 76 percent tokens are locked and will be burned to boost the token’s valuation. On December 7, 2021, they maintained their word and burnt all 750 trillion tokens valued $150 million.

4. Wakanda Inu has paved the way for the success of other African crypto initiatives.

Other African ventures are being introduced into the global crypto sphere as a result of the success of Wakanda inu. Developers and investors will be encouraged by this.

We have outstanding developers who are producing coins with compelling use cases and novel solutions. Two other African projects have been developed in successively since the introduction of Wakanda inu. Caketools and Farmbit are two companies with intriguing use cases and white papers.

5. Wakanda Inu has the ability to convert young Africans into multibillionaires.

If Wakanda inu pulls another Shiba inu, a lot of young Nigerians/Africans who own Wakanda inu will become financially independent in the following year. Many people will become wealthy, which will have a good impact on the economy.

The presale token purchasers achieved a profit of more than 50 times their initial investment. Poverty in Africa/Nigeria is a major hindrance to the region’s growth and stability. Young people who are financially empowered can help themselves and their families escape poverty. They will create jobs and offer solutions to their environment’s vexing problems.

What does Wakanda Inu’s future looks like?

Wakanda inu has a promising future if the devs stick to the white paper and use the token distribution percentages for public sale, liquidity, marketing, development, and charity. The ambitions to create an NFT marketplace, as well as farming, staking, and a DEX, will increase the token’s value and make its holders extremely wealthy.

Find Wakanda Inu on Hotbit

WKD (Wakanda Inu) has been listed on Hotbit’s Global Section.

The deposit function went live on December 20, 2021, at 6:00 a.m. UTC.

The trading function became live on December 20, 2021, at 8:00 a.m. UTC.

WKD/USDT is the trading pair.

With your USDT, you purchase the token.

Where else can you buy Wakanda Inu?

Flitaa Logo

Aside from Hotbit, the easiest place for beginners to buy Wakanda Inu is on Flitaa 


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