How to Easily Send and Receive Money with PayPal in Nigeria

By: Jayne Badmus /
 March 20, 2022
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Sending and receiving money is not easy when you want to get money from other countries. Imagine rendering service for someone or a company and, when it is time, you have problems with getting your funds. It can be very frustrating and tiring. If this is the case and you are about to give up, then do not give up yet, try PayPal first.

Paypal App

You might wonder, what exactly is Paypal and what do they do? Don’t go too far, I will explain what PayPal is and how useful it can be to you. But first, you should learn what PayPal means and how they can be of help to you and Nigeria at large.

What is Paypal?

PayPal is one of the largest financial service providers in the world that we have on the internet. The service is not restricted to just sending and receiving money but through them, you can shop with online vendors, pay bills, send emergency cash, and other things. Even though PayPal work mainly online, they also spread their tentacles to a lot of countries including our beautiful Nation, Nigeria.

With PayPal you can open your personal account, this account gives you access to send money, shop with online vendors, and, pay your bills. You can also decide to open a business account to receive your funds online, here in Nigeria.

To open a PayPal Account in Nigeria, these are some of the steps that you can take;

 Pick an account you will like to open

PayPal has two different accounts, a personal account and a business account. Depending on what you want to do with your account, you can open either a personal account or a business account.

 Click on the Creation Page

Once you are on the website, click to create the account that you want. To create a personal account, use the personal creation page while you make use of the business creation page for creating a business account.

Paypal Personal and Paypal Business
Paypal Personal and Paypal Business

Fill in the Form

Once you are on your desired page, you will see the account opening form, fill in your details on this form. After this, you will be asked to confirm your email address. Confirm your email address and your account will be activated.

Once you follow these steps, you are good to go, now you can start sending and receiving money with your PayPal account.

How to Send Money with PayPal in Nigeria

Login into Your Account

When you want to send money to someone, open your PayPal app and log into your app.

Click on Send

Once you are done signing into your account, you should click on the top menu on the website.

Enter Your Recipient Details

Enter details of the person you want to send the money to, these details include; name, email, etc.

Enter Email
Enter Email

Enter the Amount You Want to Send

Enter Amount
Enter Amount
  • Put in the amount you will like to send to the person and the payment options you will like to use for sending the money. Once you are done, click the send button and you are done.
  • You can also request an invoice from the person you are sending money to and use it to transfer money to the person. What you need to do is to wait for the invoice to appear and then you make payments.
  • You should also know that you can set up an automatic pre approved payment options for subscriptions that you need to do. This will help you to send money for payments without bothering with the stress of doing it manually.

How to Receive Money with PayPal in Nigeria

Receiving money with Paypal is not like the regular bank methods that you know and are used to, there are several things that you need to put in place and rules you need to follow. Here’s how you can receive money with Paypal;

Get a PayPal Business Account

There are two options for account opening on Paypal, the personal account and the business account. If you will just like to pay bills, order things from online vendors and send money, you can use the personal account but if you will like to receive money, then, PayPal requires you to open a business account because does not allow you to receive funds with personal accounts.

Set Up Your Payment Options

After you have gotten your account, set up your payment on your website. This will help you to receive payments from your clients. You can also check the instructions in your account on how to do it.

Send an Invoice

To request funds from your clients, you can simply send an invoice for payment to them using your business account.

Use PayPal Email

Another method of receiving money through Paypal is is by using the PayPal email. You can use the PayPal email to receive money from your clients.
Sending and receiving money through Paypal is very secure and widely accepted. Just like it has been mentioned in the post above, using PayPal is quite simple and not complex at all. It is cheap to use and there is a guarantee of fewer problems. In case of any problems, customer service will attend promptly to you.


Sending and receiving money has never been made easier. PayPal is one of the online financial platforms that render great services to people. They are widely known and their services are quite easy to use and navigate with little to no stress. To use PayPal to send money just get your personal account, register to join PayPal, log into your app and click in the top menu, fill in the details needed and you are on track.

Receiving money too is easy using PayPal, all you need to do is open a business account, send an invoice to request funds, use a PayPal email or set up payment on your website and you are good. In case you have been having problems then this is your chance to send and receive money expressly.


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