How To Make Money Online In Nigeria Without Capital

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The internet as an online communication tool is ingrained in the life of the people of Nigeria — both in urban and rural areas. Nowadays, people use several online platforms and social media networks to exchange images, follow their favourite influencers, receive news and weather alerts, and conduct online marketing campaigns. In this article, I would be showing you how to make money online in Nigeria without capital.

As a Nigerian, you almost certainly have at least one social media account or username that you use to communicate with friends and stay informed about current events and trends. Nigerian brands and businesses are not the only ones who can benefit from growing brand awareness via social media channels; regular users may also make money through their social media profiles as well.

It’s much easier to earn money on social media if you have a large following and are a social media influencer. However, even if you only have a few, you should not give up. You must first establish an engaging social media profile that will appeal to both your followers and potential clients, and this is how you do it regardless of whether you live in Nigeria or any other location;

  • First, you must discover which niche you are passionate about.
  • Focus on that niche and keep creating delightful content in order to attract attention.
  • Stay current and up-to-date on the latest trends.

As we all know, when you truly enjoy something, it becomes simpler to concentrate on it. Conduct speciality research and stick to it; being passionate about your area is a remarkable trait to have. However, if you want to earn money online in Nigeria, your niche should also be profitable. On social media, some of the most lucrative niches include;

  • Comedy
  • Health & fitness
  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • Business
  • Fashion
  • Crypto

The following are some tried and true methods for making money online in Nigeria.

1. By Becoming a Social Media Influencer

Being a social media influencer is currently the hottest new trend in Nigeria and you don’t require any capital to start, but the competition is very high as new social media influencers keep springing up from time to time. The good news, however, is that social media influence is not restricted to Comedy alone. In fact, we have influencers in other niches, such as Cryptocurrency (e.g CZ of Binance, Chris Ani of DABA, etc), Branding & Logo Design (e.g Chris Do), Football Betting (e.g Jay-Jay Okocha) and so on…

An influencer is essentially somebody who has established an online reputation for themselves via their actions and sharing of amazing things on social media. They have the ability to influence other people’s purchasing decisions due to their relationship with their audience.

Influencers serve as role models, trendsetters, and trusted experts whose opinions on particular subjects are respected by their audiences. Numerous organisations seeking to increase product sales collaborate with influencers on sponsored posts that help spread the word about their products and compensate them for their efforts.

There are numerous influencers on Instagram and Facebook who are steadily growing their following and earning a living from the various sorts of content they share, whether through images or captions.

While it may appear to be simple work, do not jump into it simply because you believe it will be a simple way to earn money through social media posts. It takes a great deal of time, effort, and attention.

How to Become a Social Media Influencer;

  1. Choose Your Platform
    Selecting the appropriate social media application is the first step in becoming a social media influencer, as each platform has its unique set of engagement opportunities and target demographic. Consider your options carefully, conduct a survey of each site, choose your target audience, and register an account.
  2. Identify Your Niche
    Each social media influencer has a speciality or a commercial niche in which they operate. Having a speciality in an area that you are enthusiastic about and enjoy working with will assist you in developing yourself.
  3. Post Interactive and Engaging Content
    On Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, there is a wealth of diversity to explore and new things to discover. People will engage with your content only if it is relatable to them or if it invites them to participate with it.

    Twitter: The first step in acquiring followers on Twitter is to create an eye-catching bio. Following and staying current on hot issues, using the appropriate hashtags when expressing your ideas, and incorporating viral content and terms with a dash of intelligence and comedy is a near-flawless strategy to draw new followers and grow your stage. Additionally, it is critical to post consistently and to respond to followers and comments on your postings.

    Facebook: This platform has the broadest viewership of any social media network, with users of all ages. A simple method to attract attention to your page or account is to write captions that reflect your area of expertise while also being provocative enough to engage others. Post your thoughts and ideas on significant issues and include the appropriate hashtags.Instagram: Being active and publishing authentic and engaging material is a critical skill for acquiring an audience and establishing influence on Instagram. Whether you’re writing or performing comedy sketches, it’s critical to be consistent with your postings and engage with others as well, by following and engaging on other influencers’ posts. A visually appealing profile with unique material will gain you more followers than you think, and using the appropriate hashtags is also critical.

    Nairaland: You can get several job opportunities on just by publishing my works. As Nigeria’s most visited online forum of all time, Nairaland is a very great place to start if you don’t want to deal with more advanced social media platforms such as Facebook that may algorithmically limit the reach of your posts.

    Nairaland Forum
    Nairaland Nigerian Forums

  4. Be Consistent and Patient
    Inconsistency is something that irritates everyone, especially those on social media. If you are unable to develop material on a daily basis, the best course of action is to create as much content as possible when you have the time, and then plan to publish times and dates. Posting intriguing content and then disappearing and reappearing after a few days will only serve to alienate your audience. While consistency is beneficial, caution should be exercised not to overdo it, as this could result in easy disinterest. Posting your content at the same time each day or week might be an excellent strategy.
    Be patient; nothing worthwhile occurs in a single day. Your followers may begin tiny and may be uninspiring at first, but as long as you remain consistent, you will gradually gain more followers.
  5. Post Only Original Content or Acknowledge Original Owners
    You cannot become an influencer by plagiarising or appropriating the work of others. There are numerous ways to draw people to your page; you might sing, dance, or do anything else. All you have to do is sit and identify your strengths, and then capitalise on them. Social media is a vast, open space, and the likelihood of being discovered is practically 100%. You may even try your hand at teaching others how to become social media influencers!
  6. Strengthen Your Network
    Being an influencer is not a solo endeavour; it is not a one-man show. Communicating with and collaborating with other influencers will help you grow your following and impact.
  7. Communicate with Your Followers
    A common mistake made by some influencers is to ignore their followers in favour of communicating with other influencers. This may enrage your followers, thereby dwindling your audience and putting a stumbling block in your influencer journey.
  8. Avoid All Negative Attitudes Towards Any Race, Tribe, or People
    Whatever your personal perspective, keep in mind that you’re sharing on social media, where it will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Make no posts that could be seen as expressing hatred or disdain for a particular group. The public’s opinion of your material is critical when it comes to companies and sponsors, and one thing is certain: the internet never forgets.
  9. Maintain Constant Contact
    Every minute, new things happen, new trends emerge, new discoveries are made, and dramas unfold. Ascertain that you are up to date; establish yourself as a go-to source for your audience, a place where they can always find the latest information.
  10. Enjoy What You Do
    Increasing your following, creating content, and establishing yourself as an influencer are all processes that take time and progress slowly. Ascertain that whatever you are doing is something you appreciate and find satisfaction in. Otherwise, you’re likely to become fatigued after a while.

If you want to become a social media influencer, you must ensure that your posts are of excellent quality. Using your current smartphone would help definitely save some bucks, but if you can afford it, invest in a high-end smartphone with a better camera, such as the iPhone 13 Pro. Early social media influencers in Nigeria, such as Taaooma, Broda Shaggi, and Lasisi Elenu started filming comedy skits by using their smartphone camera.

The reason marketers desire to deal with social influencers is because their engagement rates have historically been quite high. If you want to increase your appeal as an influencer, you can demonstrate to brands how engaged your followers are.

Some people think that you must be a social media comedy skit maker or dancer before you can be regarded as a social media influencer, but this is false. Asides from becoming a comedy skit maker or a dancer, here are a few other topics you can focus on as an influencer:

  • Lifestyle
  • Disseminate positivity (Inspiration)
  • Fashion and styling
  • Book reviews; for example, discussing the finest reads of the year, and gushing about your passion for nature
  • Food

…and the list goes on and on.

To become a successful social media influencer and earn money, you’ll need a sizable following (people who engage with what you post on social media). When bargaining, keep in mind that you are not just providing content, but you are also granting access to your following.

2. By Becoming An Affiliate Marketing Partner

Another option to make money online is to become an affiliate partner with a certain product or brand. Unlike an influencer, an affiliate only earns a commission when people buy. So their highest priority is always to increase sales.

As an affiliate, you will be provided with a trackable link or promo code to share on your social media platforms as part of their online marketing campaign. This link or promo code will direct your audience, who may be a potential client, to click on and purchase the product. You earn a commission each time someone you refer makes a purchase on the vendor’s website by clicking through your link.

To promote affiliate items, you can write a review or produce a beautiful article highlighting the aspects of the product or service that you enjoy and share it on your social media platforms to ensure the product receives maximum exposure. Make sure to include any bad comments about this product as well, since you want to maintain a balanced review, and people will trust the product more if they believe you are being real.

Simply join an affiliate marketing programme that accepts Nigerians and begin earning money as an affiliate marketer.

The best affiliate marketing networks or platforms available to Nigerians are;

  1. Share A Sale
  2. CommissionJunction
  4. WarriorPlus

How Affiliate Marketing Works;

How Affiliate Marketing Works
How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing is fundamentally straightforward, and here it is in six simple steps:

  1. An Affiliate (or Affiliate Marketer) and a business connect via a third-party platform (known as an affiliate network) or directly via face to face meeting or electronically via social media.
  2. The Affiliate marketer promotes a product or service to a group of people (known as a targeted audience) typically through sharing a unique referral link or a coupon code that would be used for tracking purposes.
  3. A prospective customer either clicks on the link to buy the product or use the coupon code.
  4. The customer completes the transaction.
  5. The firm benefits from the sales, while the affiliate marketer benefits from the agreed commission.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win and both the business and affiliate marketer benefit from the relationship.

3. By Promoting Your Own Products

Another approach to making money as a Nigerian is using social media is to promote and sell your own items. You can use social media to convert your business’s, products’, or services’ social media profiles into a sales funnel. Indeed, certain social media platforms enable you to convert your social media profiles into virtual online stores. You can offer to sell fashion accessories, e-books, and even photographs taken by yourself.

Here’s how to promote your products by posting on Social Media platforms;

  • Request an exclusive live interview from some loyal consumers and film it on social media.
  • Publish limited-time offers, but don’t do it too frequently.
  • Post giveaway contests and offer prizes to winners.
  • Create a blog and share articles from your blogs on social media.
  • Organize an event on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Youtube Live, or Clubhouse, depending on what suits your followers.
  • Publish customer testimonials.
  • Run sponsored Advertisements on some of your most popular Facebook posts in order to reach more people.

The good thing about posting your business or your products on social media is that it is not entirely dependent on the number of followers on your social media profile. Whether you have 1,000 or 500 followers, it’s probable that some of them would be interested in purchasing some of the products you sell. Simply ensure that you include images and facts about the product you desire to offer on your page, as well as contact information for potential buyers to contact you and make a purchase.

4. By Sharing your knowledge on YouTube

Since YouTube accepts Nigerian creators, you can make money online in Nigeria by creating ‘how-to’ videos on specific topics.

You can sign up for the YouTube Partner Program, which allows you to earn money by allowing advertisements to appear on your videos. You will be compensated based on the number of times those advertisements are viewed. Increased video views equate to increased ad views, which equates to increased revenue.

For instance, if you love baking, you could create a channel with videos like ‘how to make doughnuts at home’, and then monetize it to earn money based on the total number of views and ad clicks. The more likes and subscribers you acquire, the more money you earn.

If you run a channel focused on baking and confectionery, you will have the opportunity to attract companies that are into the production of baking items for paid partnerships.

That’s just an example, though. You can make money on YouTube by uploading virtually any type of video content, as long it is in line with YouTube’s general and monetization policies. 

If you want to avoid getting banned on YouTube, you must follow the guidelines below;

  • Don’t spam YouTube with low-quality, irrelevant, deceptive, and scam videos.
  • Don’t post nudity and sexual content.
  • Be mindful of child safety when posting, so always indicate whether your video is safe for kids.
  • Don’t upload harmful, violent or dangerous content.
  • Don’t use hate speech.
  • Never support harassment and cyberbullying.

In 2021, Ryan Kaji, a 10-year old toy reviewer (born on October 6, 2011), generated over $2 million USD from ad revenue on his Youtube channel alone. His channel, Ryan’s World, has over 31.6 million subscribers as of the time of writing this article. Truly, you can earn a decent amount of money by posting videos on the (YouTube) social media platform.

4. By Promoting your Skills

Promoting your skills using the various online platforms is a clever way to make some money in Nigeria.

You may possess some abilities that someone is prepared to pay for. Thus, another way to make money in Nigeria is to post and showcase the skills you possess on your profile, accompanied by strong proof (which may be a video) of your expertise.

You may use social media platforms to upload samples of previous work. Artists, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Potters, and other artisans have recorded immense success by uploading their works on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Posting your works regularly on social media is a very good way of promoting yourself as it increases the likelihood that people who are in need of your specific skillsets finds you.

5. By Posting Content for Companies as their Social Media Manager

You can definitely make a lot of money online in Nigeria by working as a social media manager for companies.

Social media has evolved into a valuable platform for many retail brands and major organisations to engage with their customers, as well as for celebrities to connect with their fans.

Nowadays, the majority of significant companies and notable persons have one or more social media profiles on numerous social media platforms for communicating with their clients and fans. These accounts typically have a sizable following and can receive hundreds of messages and requests each day.

The owners of such accounts frequently require assistance managing their social media profiles. As a result, they hire social media managers to manage their accounts.

There are innumerable career opportunities available online in the field of social media management. As social media advertising has grown in popularity, startups and businesses want assistance in developing social media advertising strategies. This is where you come in as a social media manager.

Social media management demands you to be aware of social trends, possess exceptional writing abilities, and maintain an up-to-date online resume.


Hootsuite states that around 57.6% of the world’s population use social media and the average daily usage is 2 hours and 27 minutes as of January 2022. With about 4.62 billion active users in 2022, social media is a wealth of opportunities and anyone may legally earn money just by posting on social media if they can utilise any of the methods discussed above – all you need to do is commit to it and work diligently.

The most important requirement for making money online in Nigeria is to have an active presence and post relevant and helpful content as consistently as you can. If you have a Facebook page or an Instagram account but your most recent post was three months ago, your fans will become disinterested. To earn money from social media, you must maintain a steady stream of followers. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for how frequently you should post each day; instead, you should experiment to see what your audience responds to. You must keep your content current, relevant, and timely, and your followers will occasionally check-in to ensure they aren’t missing anything.

Additionally, your “Content” does not always have to be a blog post or a feature-length film. It could either be as basic as a very detailed photograph of one or more of your items, or an account of your experience with another product such as a smartphone. It’s all about reassuring them that you’re still alive and well.

In general, social media will not immediately generate a large quantity of revenue. However, there is an abundance of opportunities for you if you remain consistent with posting your stuff.

So, If you’re already on social media, why not take advantage of these potentially life-changing platforms to earn some extra cash for yourself?


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