NiceHash Payment Proofs – How To Withdraw Funds From NiceHash To Crypto Wallet

By: Yusuf Odukoya /
 March 24, 2022
  / 4 min read
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Hello and welcome to another crypto blog post.

In one of our recent blog posts, we reviewed an application called NiceHash that allows you to mine Bitcoin on your computer, or to be more precise, to rent out your hardware so others can remotely use it to mine different coins and then you get rewarded in Bitcoin.

NiceHash OG 1

Crypto mining is serious business, and we at Branditechture already see it as one of those ways to make serious money online. In today’s post, I will provide you with payment proofs so that you see that NiceHash is actually legit and you’ll certainly get paid for your efforts. To demonstrate that, we’re gonna start off by taking a look at the NiceHash dashboard.


As you can see, mining on this particular computer is currently disabled, so no activity is ongoing, that’s why it lists this as one inactive rig.

On the top right corner,  you can see a balance of 36 euros and 11 cents.

Clicking on that will take you to your wallet, where you will have the option to withdraw, but before we go ahead with the withdrawal process, let’s take a look at some payouts that were previously processed on the NiceHash account.

So for that, we need to navigate to My Settings > Reports. So let’s take a look at withdrawal reports for November and December. Withdrawal reports on NiceHash can be downloaded as PDF.

So here’s the first payment proof for the month of November (1st till the 31st).

November report
November report

I want to quickly show one of the actual receipts of the two payouts in the report below. So, here’s a payout of about 0.00202054 which was requested on the 6th of December.

Payment proof
A Payout statement/report on NiceHash

If we check here on the 6th of December, we can find the deposit here on the linked BTC wallet; 0.0022 .

Payment Recieved on Wallet
Payment Received on Wallet

So as you can see, both of those payouts actually arrived in the wallet provided in the NiceHash dashboard, which should already be enough proof that NiceHash pays.

How to withdraw your earnings from NiceHash to your BTC Wallet

So again, I’m going to share a NiceHash screen view.

  1. In the dashboard, click on your balance to get to the Wallet or simply click on the “Wallets” tab to view all your wallets.
  2. Next, click on Withdraw button located just beside “Deposit”.  NiceHash always use BTC as its primary cryptocurrency, but you can convert your balance to Euros and request payout directly to your IBAN account.
    Screenshot from 2022 03 23 15 30 19
  3. Set the appropriate wallets on the Withdraw From and Withdraw To fields.
    Screenshot from 2022 03 23 15 32 45
  4. Enter your withdrawal amount or click on “USE MAX” to withdraw everything in the selected wallet. (Minimum withdraw amount on NiceHash is 0.001 BTC)
  5.  Click on “Review Withdrawal” Button. Agree to the terms and conditions and confirm your withdrawal by clicking on the WITHDRAW – xxxBTC button.
    Screenshot from 2022 03 23 15 33 26
  6. Done! Your payout is on its way!
    Screenshot from 2022 03 23 15 33 46

One thing I like the most about NiceHash is the fact that within the NiceHash if you enter your electricity costs within the NiceHash application, you’ll actually see an estimate of how much money you can potentially make. So it’s left to you to decide if it will be profitable for you or not. I really encourage everyone to give NiceHash a try on your computer.

As always, thanks for reading!

If you have any kind of questions, leave them down in the comments below.

See you in one of my other blog posts about Crypto, but till then, bye.


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