Top 10 Highest-Paying Digital Marketing Jobs

By: Jayne Badmus /
 March 25, 2022
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Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing niches in the advertising industry, with the likes of affiliate marketing and social media marketing taking the icing on the cake. As time goes on there are more people who are interested in being a digital marketer. This post will shed light on what digital marketing is, and the best digital marketing jobs you can have at this point. First, what is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Digital marketing means marketing done on the internet. You can make use of digital channels to do this marketing as long as there are people and the internet. Some of such digital platforms include; email, websites, social media platforms, etc. These platforms are used for communication between potential customers and the marketers who are communicating with them.

Being a digital marketer means that your potential clients can be from anywhere around the world as long as they can access the channels you are using to communicate. This means that you don’t have to be there to market physically. Your online presence is enough. Digital marketing has made it easier for brands to reach wider audiences with their goods and services through constant communication and frequent awareness of what they sell using online platforms. Another name for digital marketing is online marketing.

Now that we understand what digital marketing entails, here are the top-paying digital marketing jobs that we know;

 1. UI/UX Designer

uiux design
UI/UX design

The full meaning of these is User Interface and User Experience. These people are the ones that see the development of websites and applications. They can be very technical or great designers of whatever platform they find themselves working on. Some of their work include; illustrating design ideas using storyboards, sitemaps etc.
UI/UX Designers develop mockups that show what a website or brand will function and look like. They also create designs for the brand that they are representing. Another thing is that they develop ideas that communicate the brands of their clients, their goals and objectives.

2. Digital Business Analyst

Data analyst
Data analyst

A digital business analyst performs business analysis using different data methods. They carry out research for information that is related to their line of work to understand how the market changes and gets updated, they also use this information for the good of their company. They can also make recommendations for companies on how to become better by providing them with the information they need when they need them.
Some of the things they do are; give proper reports of market trends, and collect, summarize and analyze the information they have gathered. They also coordinate market research in order to plan strategically specific market policies.

3. Search Engine Specialist

SEO specialist
SEO specialist

Search engine specialists are in charge of everything that has to do with the search engine marketing programs of a particular organization. These include search engine optimization of these organizations. They ensure that when people search for particular materials or questions, their organization’s contents come out on top or as one of the first to see. They make this work through the use of different keywords, building internal and external links etc.

Some of their responsibilities include; searching for and identifying the right keywords to drive traffic to their websites, reviewing the content on the websites and how they can be improved for optimization, writing SEO content for their websites, blogs and all social media accounts, building relevant links for better optimization.

4. Content Writer/Creators

Content creator
Content creator

Content writers and content creators create compelling content in the form of blog posts, social media content, videos, captions, website copy, white papers etc in order to effectively market a particular company or brand. Their contents are meant to engage customers and make them curious, awed and intrigued by the brand they represent. They use SEO and know how to work with keywords to get the results they desire.

Their work functions include; writing content to promote the organization or brands they work for, they manage blogs and websites for their brands including all the content related to it. They also generate research-related content and topics to the brand they represent and create great content using these things.

5. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing Manager

The digital marketing manager of any company or brand is responsible for the development, implementation and marketing of campaigns that have to do with the organization they work for. They play a major role in the upliftment of the company’s image and the brand awareness of the brand they represent within the online spaces. They also make sure their methods are effective to attract new customers and generate enough traffic for their online platforms.
They are in charge of everything that has to do with the digital aspect of the company or brand, these includes, emails, SEO, social media content and ads. They also develop campaign budgets for the company, they also manage all social media platforms for their brand.

6. Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital Marketing Strategist
Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital marketing strategists are also known as digital marketing executive assists digital marketing managers to develop strategies that can be used to achieve all the plans that they have made for the digital marketing part of the company. They can specialize in different digital marketing parts or areas they wish.
Their work functions include; designing media plans and campaigns for the brand, coordinating the creation of all contents needed for their digital space, establishing a great font for the brand they represent.

7. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager

A social media manager is one that helps brands and different organizations to manage their social media accounts across the digital space. It could be Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook etc. They know how to use analytic tools to reach their audiences and interact with them on behalf of the brand.
Their responsibilities are; creating content that attracts new audiences and keeps the old clients intrigued. They also make a social media content calendar for the proper and effective posting of content. They also review and research trends that can captivate the interest of old and new customers alike.

8. Inbound Marketing Manager

Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing managers attract the attention of potential customers using content creation. They also manage the sales funnel and conversion of the organization. One of their functions is to guide potential customers through the sales funnel steps that take them from being a potential customer to becoming a customer to the organization.

9. SEO Marketers

SEO Marketing
SEO Marketing

The role of these people is to drive traffic to their landing pages and drive leads in order to get as many clicks as possible. They work a lot with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

10. Copywriting Expert

Copywriting Expert
Copywriting Expert

One important role of copywriters is to edit and adjust copies of the content that have been made by the social media managers to ensure that they are up to the standard. They also work with inbound managers, SEO marketers, content creators and as many people involved in content in order to make sure that their copy is effective, up to standard and can convert potential customers to full-time customers.


Digital marketing is broad but learning one of the following jobs listed above means that you are one step away from aiming a huge headway in the digital marketing world, especially in a place like Nigeria where more of the jobs are now online.


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