What is HiveOS?

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 April 9, 2022
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Hive OS is an operating system developed on the basis of Linux distribution Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. It’s main objective is to provide you with an interface that is convenient for you to mine cryptocurrencies on GPU and manage your rigs using a web interface.

What is Hive OS
Hive OS Official Logo

Hive OS is a conditionally free operating system for users. The Hive OS system supports mining on ASICS, GPU Rigs and CPUs. It also has its own pool and supports many other different pools where you can mine ETH and ETC.

Hive OS
An Overview of Hive OS Dashboard 

Features of Hive OS

The Hive OS system has the following features;

Setup: Under this we have the

  • Easy Installation
  • ASIC Setup
  • GPU Setup
  • Workers Bulk Installation
  • Deploy PXE
  • Diskless PXE

Manage: Under the manage features we have the

  • Real time monitoring Data
  • Heatmap
  • Telegram Notifications
  • Discord Notifications
  • Organize Workers into Farms
  • Large Number of Miners
  • Shares Efficiency
  • Statistics
  • Remote Console
  • Remote OS Update
  • VPN
  • Power Consumption
  • Remote Reboot/ Shutdown
  • Schedules
  • Flight Sheets
  • On the Fly Tuning
  • Wallets
  • Fast Pool Switching
  • Fast Miner Switching
  • Individual Configs for Each Miner Type

 Tuning: For this feature there is;

  • GPU Overclocking
  • Dual Miners
  • Miner Tuning
  • Pill
  • Autofan
  • RX Boost


  • CPU Mining
  • Custom Miner Integration
  • Secure Access
  • Activity Logs
  • User Rights Settings
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Control Wallets Ownership
  • Ownership Transfer
  • Multilingual Interface
  • API
  • Watchdogs

The Hive OS features gives you the opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits that the Hive OS system has to offer. Let’s expatiate on some of them:


The autofan controls the fans of all your workers automatically. This helps to regulate the temperature of your devices at the levels you desire so that you can effectively avoid overheating, and downtime of your equipment. This means that you do not have to worry about losing profits because your devices are down.

Temperature Watchdog

When the temperature gets too high, the temperature Watchdog will reboot the system or stop the morning process altogether. This also helps you to protect your workers from overheating and you do not have to lose profits at all.


Statistics helps you to track the performance of each of your workers on different temperatures, fan speeds, algorithms,etc. Now, you can perfectly through this information understand how your devices perform in different settings and you can easily pinpoint which combinations are the most effective for you. This can give rise to increase in your profits.

Smart Notifications

The smart notifications ensure that you do not have to miss anything at all. In a situation where something happens, you immediately get notified by the smart notifications feature. As a result of this, you can promptly take action and prevent a lot of issues from happening in the first place.


The schedule feature allows you to automate certain processes. For example, you can easily set your workers to switch from overclocking to downvolting and through the schedule features, the action is continuously performed with or without your participation.

Each and every feature on Hive OS is meant to make mining easier for you without glitches and unforeseen situations. In other words, they have everything you need for a good mining experience.

Setting Up Hive OS

You can follow the following steps to set up your Hive OS.

Create/ Log into an Account

Before you can set up your Hive OS, you will need to first create an account or log into your account if you have one already. It is advisable that you use a good and secure password and even turn on the two-factor notification feature.

 Add Your Workers

Once you are done logging in, connect your rigs to your dashboard. GPU Rigs and ASICs are called workers and you can either connect your workers through Farm Hash or Manual setup. Farm Hash is used to connect your workers to a farm without creating a gig first in the dashboard. It is fast and effective. For the manual setup, you will need a rig ID and a password to use to configure each of the miner.

Then click on the plus icon in the top right corner to choose the Add Worker option. Choose either the GPU or ASIC then input your rig name. Enter your password or generate one. Add your description and then click the add button.

Choose an Installation Type

There are different types of installations; GPU which installs the OS on GPU based rigs and the ASIC which installs the OS on ASIC miners. The Hive OS can be installed in both.

Download Image

Get the latest version of Hive OS and choose between a .zip or a .torrent file.

Flash Image

Insert a USB drive into your PC, ensure that this drive is about 8GB or more. Wait for the image to flash to your USB drive, as soon as it is done, you should see a drive labelled “Hive”. Open the contents and add the rig.conf file to the Hive OS image drive. Remove your USB drive and insert it into the rig.

Install Image

Once you have inserted your drive into the rig, boot your rig and wait for it to install the image on the USB. It will connect to Hive and you can start working.
Once you follow each of these steps, you would have successfully set up your Hive OS.

Managing Your Hive OS Setup

You can manage your Hive OS using a single dashboard. The features on the system allows you to effectively manage your mining rigs, it doesn’t matter how much they are. You can easily use the dashboard to manage them. And the good part is that this single dashboard can be used by you and your team. Once you are done with installation of your rigs, simply connect them to your dashboard and you are good to go.

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Common Hive OS Terms and Their Meanings


A worker is used to describe the types of mining hardware that is supported by the Hive OS. GPUs and ASICs are workers supported by the Hive OS.


It means Application-Specific Integrated Circuit(ASIC). It is customized for mining cryptocurrency.


This means Graphics Processing Units. It is used to rapidly accelerate the creation of images and render graphics.


This is a computer built with GPUs and ASICs.

Tweaking/Tuning Your Hive OS

To tweak or tune your Hive OS, you can use the autotune feature. The main function of the auto tune is to make the hashrate higher and the energy consumption lower. The autotune lowers or increases the voltage on the boards, it controls all the frequency of all the chips including the weak chips. To tune your Hive OS, what you need to do is to add the command “tune-full” to the configuration override on the rig. It will automatically fine-tune your Hive OS and you are done.

Once this command is added, your Hive OS will autotune itself until you want to turn off the autotune. You can also adjust the settings to your autotune if you want.


The Hive OS is an operating system that helps you to manage your rigs effectively without worries. They also have features that helps you to prevent problems and regulate your rigs with no issue. The system setup of the OS is also very direct and easy to navigate that you should have little to no problem during setup and installation.


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